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Our firm was established in 1990. One of the reasons of its uprising was our fascination of lightness, form purity and elegance of furniture made of steel and glass.

Simple coffee table STYLE, our "first child" was born just as an effect of that our fascination and our not too big technological possibilities at the beginning of our firm's activity.

STYLE did not let us down. We are selling it up to this day. Specific virtue of this coffee table was appreciated by numerous group of customers. Some of them are coming back to us to buy another table, but we know that the real reason was their satisfaction of table STYLE.

Later appear new customers. We were extending our offer. Uprised new, attractive models of coffee tables. We started to use another materials, so as aluminium, stained and varnished hardwood, new kinds of glass, better pulver lacquers.

Today we produce a few dozen models of coffee tables, group in uniformly designed families. Because we cooperate with firms furnishing interiors, so in our offer
appear shelvings and shelving systems, show cases made of aluminium and glass, bases for beds, tables and desks, individualy designed shop furnitures.

We are furnishing individualy designed shop and office interiors. We were making furniture for TV programs, exhibition furniture and stands.

We hope that our cooperation with designers from firm ART - DESIGN will bring effects in form of new, interesting models of furniture.

We thank You for Your visit on our website. We are unpatiently awaiting for Your questions and proposals.


At the coffee tables from SOBY someone sits in a good STYLE !!!


Grzegorz Byczkowski i Janusz Sobiczewski - SOBY partners.

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